Veggie Treats

Dogs should consume at least 20% vegetables in addition to meat. Try replacing the regular meat treats with our chrunchy veggie alternative made from root vegetables seasoned with nutritious and flavourful seaweed.

The veggies are slowly dried at lower temperatures for greater digestibility and nutrient utilization until they become crispy. They contain no additives or preservatives, etc. We recommend them both as a reward or to supplement the daily ratio of vegetables when preparing feed.

Crunchy Veggies With Kelp

Hand-cut crispy pieces of carrot, parsley/parsnip and celery wrapped in kelp and air-dried. Thanks to the subtle sea flavour of the kelp, they are tasty even for dogs that are not that fond of vegetables which makes them a great addition to meat treats. Size of 1 piece approx. 1 - 3 cm. Can be used both as a reward and as a vegetable ingredient in the preparation of barf feed.

Carrots, parsley/parsnip and celery contain a variety of substances beneficial for dogs. In addition to vitamins A, B, C & K, they also contain antioxidants (flavonoids, polyphenols), potassium, magnesium, healthy carbohydrates and fibre. This cocktail of nutrients and low fat content make them an ideal addition to the usual meaty treats. Carrots support dog's eyesight and along with parsley and celery improve bone, muscle and nerve health, support immunity, suppress inflammation, bleeding and help fight bad breath. Vegetable treats are also an ideal choice if you need to watch the calorie intake or protein ratio in your dog's diet. Seaweed kelp, when used regularly, reduces bad breath and slows down tartar buildup, improves the appearance, quality and colour of the coat, supports thyroid function, supports the immune system, prevents infections and tumors, and speeds up recovery after physical stress.

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