Our story

Dogs are an integral part of our lives. From our young age we have been trying to provide our dogs with natural and healthy food containing only the most natural ingredients they genuinely need. Our approach to breeding and feeding has always been based on our growing professional expertise in cynology and zoology.

Based on our own expertise we started creating our own treats for our dogs containing only healthy and natural ingredients. As a result, our dogs have enjoyed and continue to enjoy healthy, full and long lives.

Our homemade treats have gained remarkable interest and positive feedback from our friends and our local community of dog owners. This resulted in the idea of making our products professionally. Moreover, we had the best advisory team for testing the products (see photo).

Regardless of who we make our treats for, our priority remains the same as before: to make the treats both tasty and beneficial for the dogs that consume them, whatever their age, breed or pedigree.

Because we care not only about dogs, but also about our planet, we choose to package all of our products in replaceable glass bottles or plastic-free pouches. We also distribute our products to package-free stores where you can pack them into your own reusable box. If you think like we do, we're sure you'll appreciate our eco-friendly packaging approach.

Thank you for your support and loyalty, they help us stay commited to our work. :)

The BARFKY team