Go for the real stuff. Try our 100% natural, low-processed treats and nutrition for your doggo

We produce healthy and nutritionally rich premium treats and supplements for dogs with 100% natural ingredients prepared in accordance with BARF principles.

We pack our treats in returnable glass bottles and plastic-free bags. You can even scoop Barfky into your own container at packaging-free stores.


Jano & Edie,

"Edie is allergic. We appreciate that Barfky treats are free of cereals, sweeteners and chemical additives. Plus, they have a low ecological footprint."

Lucia & Ginny,

"For Ginny I prefer treats that are both healthy and tasty. I really appreciate that you offer Barfky also in packaging-free form."

Maja & Eliška, Bratislava

"Eliška is not picky. However, I was impressed by BARFKY's approach. They're a Slovak company making high quality stuff with an honest and transparent approach."

Try them, too!