How Our Treats Are Made

In our small facility we prepare all dog treats by hand. Wondering how the whole process works? Then read on.

Creating Formulas

At the beginning, there is always an idea of what we want to achieve with the product. Once we have a clear goal, we then choose the right materials and define the most suitable process.

Each treat is developed to be interesting in taste and to provide added functional value. In other words, we always make sure that the final product provides something extra, not just the joy of snacking.

At the same time, as we strive to keep the ingredients and production simple (in order to keep our environmental footprint low and not increase the risk of allergies), we try not to complicate or combine anything unnecessarily. We are guided by the principle that less is more.

Purchasing Of The Raw Materials

In our production we carefully select our raw materials. We genuinely love animals and nature, so we would never buy stuff from a source we have doubts about. For example, in case of our chicken treats you can be assured that they are made from a quality local source that meets all the strict standards for quality farming and processing. Cheap products from Brazil or China have no place with us. In the same way, we always buy our vegetables fresh, without any signs of damage and only from reputable suppliers.

Manufacturing Process

After washing the raw materials, we cut them by hand to the desired size. The vegetables are briefly blanched to make them more digestible for dogs, but at the same time retain their vitamins and valuable substances (raw vegetables are not entirely suitable for dogs, because dogs, unlike us humans, cannot "extract" all the nutrients from them).

In the next step, the meat and vegetables are coated in one of the additional ingredients (e.g. dried ground kelp), which not only increases their nutritional value but also their taste. These ingredients are carefully selected so that our treats have functional properties in addition to their nutritional properties - in other words, so that they have a more pronounced beneficial effect on your four-legged pet's health (similar to the so-called functional foods for humans).

We then dry the semi-finished product in professional dryers at precisely adjusted temperatures according to the type of raw material, which ensures that the treats retain all the valuable nutrients and vitamins on the one hand and are perfectly dried on the other, thus acquiring their renowned crunchiness and good storability.

Distribution And Sales

We put a great effort in minimazing our ecological footprint. One of the way to achieve this is by choosing the most ecological packaging that is possible:
  • we offer BARFKY to stores either unpackaged (in large reusable glass bottles where they can be cooped into your own reusable box) or in returnable glass bottles and fully biodegradable, moisture-resistant resealable bags;
  • in the e-shop, we offer all our products in biodegradable resealable bags.

After the production and packaging the treats and food supplements are transported or couriered to stores. We select retailers who do business in line with our philosophy - we do not focus on standard pet supply stores, but work primarily with packaging-free and organic stores, dog salons and hotels that welcome our eco-friendly approach. In addition, we also have our own e-shop. Our products can also be found at international dog shows in Bratislava, Nitra, Lučenec and Veľká Ida.

The Collection And Recycling Of The Packaging

We haven't chosen the glass bottles we use for packing BARFKY by chance. They are the best way to minimise the negative impact of our production - and your dog's consumption - on the environment. At the same time, they are easy to wash and keep clean. After you drop off your empty bottle at the store, we take it back to our production facility where we thoroughly clean it with hot steam, dry it and refill it.

We appreciate you being with us in this process. It's your attitude that makes us capable of giving dogs the best without harming the environment.